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let's build together

Have a character you're ready to breathe life into, with a rave/festival twist?

Fell in love with another discofreak client's custom, and want your own version?


Use the form below to get submit your order request: attach an inspiration photo in the form below so we can align with your vision, including any additional notes about colorways or elements in the "EXPECTATIONS" field.

Please note this form is for clients who have a complete design in mind, and are looking to bring it to life.

As such, the concept fee has been reduced by 50%—you'll still receive a digital rendering of your design with fabric and material swatches, and the concept fee secures your placement in the custom order queue. We do not create exact replications of other client orders, but are happy to make it in a new color scheme or with other/additional elements.

Now, let's get started:

Custom Order Form
start my discofreak custom order

please include a character or inspiration image for your design

thigh highs, starfire.jpg
upload image


The $25 fee paid to initiate the custom order process is the concept fee, and is non-refundable. The concept fee covers efforts dedicated to the digital rendering of your design and sourcing of materials, and is typically $25 per launchpad design; if the idea needs to be majorly reworked or more than one outfit is requested, additional fees will be listed on the future invoice. Curious about the overall process? Check out this page to learn more!

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