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getting started

First things first, feel free to share any inspiration details or desires from the start. We'll use that information to get the ball rolling, and tweak your custom design as necessary.

Considering our hands-on approach there is a concept fee applied to each outfit/order request. Concept fees are not required for Design-A-Disco orders, or orders for existing concepts with only material substitutions.

Here is the process outline:

- order request submitted

- concept is generated, discussed, finalized

- invoice is generated, deposit is paid

- sizing is confirmed

- materials are ordered/production begins

- production is completed, pictures and final invoice sent to client

- final payment due prior to shipment release

We'll gather details about shipping and sizing after the concept is finalized. Don't worry, we'll remind you when it's time to share these deetz! But if you'd like to learn more about sizing, check out this link.


All custom orders require a deposit to move into the production stage—no exceptions. Deposit payments go directly toward securing the materials needed to fulfill your order, and are therefore nonrefundable



If your order is:

less than < $300 — 50% deposit due to move forward with production

greater than $300 — 25% deposit due to move forward with production

*deposit percentages variable at designer's discretion, based on requested turnaround time or other applicable factors

final payment

Final payment is due prior to shipment release. We send an email with pictures when your order is complete, along with the most current invoice for any remaining balance due.

Keep an eye on your inbox!

payment plans

To remain as flexible as possible we do not offer a fixed payment plan—but are willing to work with you, always!


Standard custom orders take 5-6 weeks for production, and we hope this window of time allows clients to break up the balance due into manageable payments between the deposit and final payments. During the production stage feel free to send what you can when you can, if that's easier than a lump sum at the end!


If you prefer a more hands-off approach let us know, and we'll set you up with Afterpay: after the concept has been finalized, we'll create a listing for your custom order on the website. During checkout, simply opt for the Afterpay option. As soon as your order has been submitted the process will move into the production stage.


We understand plans change and life happens, and try our best to be accommodating on the financial side of things; however, as a small business it is not possible to send payment reminders each step of the way. Please remain communicative and honest while we work together on bringing your vision to life.

concept fees

Unless the order is for a pre-existing design, custom orders require a concept fee. The concept fee covers efforts dedicated to the digital rendering and sourcing of your materials, and is due upfront.

Major changes to the initial concept/request may incur revision fees. Please request a copy of our full Terms & Conditions for more information.

rush orders

Custom orders should be initiated at least six (6) weeks before your scheduled event. This timeline allows us to source any special materials, and provides a shipping buffer for your order to arrive in a timely manner.


We can make magic happen on a faster timeline, as long as the client understands material limitations. Specific fabric requests which cannot be sourced locally may require rush fees for delivery to the studio, there may be rush fees for delivery of the final product to you, and depending on the expected delivery date there may be a percentage fee applied to the order subtotal. Check here for more details about rush fees.

payment methods

For custom orders we accept payments via Zelle, Venmo and CashApp; credit and debit cards via PayPal or Afterpay; and direct bank transfers.

All invoices include payment instructions, however here is a list of platforms and accounts to send to:

Zelle or PayPal:

Venmo: @discofreak

CashApp: $discofreakco

Routing information for bank (electronic/ACH or wire) transfers can be provided upon request during the deposit invoice stage.

For more information about how Afterpay works, click here.

artistic integrity

Discofreak is fueled by a passion to create—not imitate—and therefore we do not replicate the work of other artists.

Feel free to send photos of looks and outfits which align with your vision and they will be used as a launchpad for your concept(s). Inspiration photos help make sure we are pointed in the right direction with any themes or stylizations, but please understand we will NEVER duplicate the work of another company.


If your end-goal is to have an item from a specific brand, reach out to that designer directly to commission your very own version! We will not make it faster, we will not make it cheaper... we won't make it at all.

copyright infringement

Concepts and digital materials provided during the customs process are the intellectual property of DISCOFREAK, LLC.

Copyright infringement is a serious a violation of trust that puts other small businesses at risk, and is no-no behavior.


Do not sell or share our designs with any other parties. Taking our concepts to other makers to have it made cheaper, faster or for any other reason is strictly prohibited.

Asking other creatives to produce a discofreak concept can lead to civil prosecution. Providing discofreak concepts to other designers/makers without disclosing the origin is still considered copyright infringement, even if the other party is unaware of what is happening. Don't be that person.

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