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design & consulting

Ready to build an online presence - or freshen up your existing - but don't know where to begin? Don't stress it! With experience working behind-the-scenes in a multitude of industries, I am here to provide support every step of the way.


Many years in the creative arts lend credibility and an

uncommon know-how for producing practical, attractive

and accessible sites. Pair it all with an unrivaled attention 

to detail and you've found yourself a designer to guarantee 

your product will be magnificent, header-to-footer.

Web design is not where it ends, as the affair and flair for aesthetics spills over into graphic and logo design. After developing a handful of

e-commerce sites it became impossible to ignore this new love,

and eventually I began advising clients, as well—thus, business consulting has been added to the skill scuttle.

medusa @ mmw 2019

step one:

Complete the web form below, describing your business and expectations for your future website.

step two:

Upon review of your inquiry I will begin doing some research, and formulate a Quote Preparation based on my findings. Your Quote Prep will delineate start-up costs and include a list of questions used to prepare a custom quote package.

step three:

Your clarifications allow us to move on to a formal package offer in order to set the terms of the design agreement. Based on needs and variables, you may end up with multiple package options.

step four:

After selecting a package, it's time to build! Your site will have a complete vision, and your launch will have an ETA.

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Web Design

Specializes in web design for small businesses, performance EPKs and informational sites

Mobile Responsiveness

In today's modern world it's a true turn-off stumbling upon a site which can't be viewed properly on a mobile device. Standard web design will include creating a responsive site which is mobile friendly

Branded Design

Experience in multimedia, marketing and print design. Able to create memorable, straightforward and versatile logos for a seamless presence across online and in-person markets

Social Media

Will plan, manage and monitor social media to present a cohesive voice for your brand, freeing up your time for creating new products


Available to advise and provide problem-solving solutions, and create proactive initiatives and avoid struggles from the start

branded design

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand," imparted Paul Rand, the art director and designer best known for creating the timeless logos representing IBM, UPS, ABC and many others.

Branding is critical for recognition—it changes how consumers perceive your product, drives business and increases awareness.  A sharp logo and seamless brand design work together as the face of a company, creating loyalty and familiarity among customers.

social media

"Fewer people are experiencing your brand on your website," says Jeremy Dedic, the user experience practice

leader at digital agency Rightpoint.

"Many companies think of their website as being the center of their online brand's universe. But more and more consumers use social media sites as a starting point for accessing information about products and promotions, gathering customer feedback, voicing opinions and seeking customer service," he says.


"You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is, you just don’t see them," asserted Jay Abraham, an entrepreneur named as one of the top five executive coaches by Forbes Magazine.

Often there are tangible results uncovered by fresh eyes. No one has all the answers, and smart business owners outsource to find opportunities and achieve results when roadblocks appear.


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