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meet megan

Deliberate. Methodical. Quirky as hell. Driven by dance, puns and all things irregular. Hers is a classic story of feeling like an outcast - a freak - and struggling to find her place on this planet.


Enter live events and the music scene. Pure joy, ethereal release, the opportunity to put the freest version of oneself on display. Her discovered strength from living life on the outside twists into the confidence to perform on stage for tens of thousands. She sees the cathartic experience festivals provide her fellow freaks and takes the adventure a step further: discofreak is born.

For the misfits, the outcasts, the lovers of all things weird, edgy, and outside the "norm", this brand exists for YOU. It is time to make a statement, break boundaries and live boldly.

"TAKE THE RISK, you can't achieve what you never try."

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