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From concept through shipping we incorporate sustainability practices into each step of the process. Just want the Cliffs Notes? Here are the highlights of how we're pitching in to help Mother Earth:

- all concepts are digital (no paper waste)

- we prioritize sourcing materials locally

- we hold and combine our stock orders to reduce the number of trucks on the road

- we save our scraps #scraplife

- all materials which can be recycled are (or we hoard things to repurpose in the future)

- non-commission one-of-a-kind items are created using scraps

- packaging is certified biodegradable or compostable; we choose recycled materials whenever possible

- carbon offset options are utilized for applicable shipping carriers

NONE of these initiatives cost our customers anything extra. We strongly believe it is our responsibility to integrate these practices into our dream, making sure the discofreak brand exceeds expectations through honest living.


90% of discofreak creations are made-to-order, in an effort to be as sustainable as possible and follow the slow-fashion framework. We prioritize local supply purchases over outsourcing whenever possible, and combine stock orders for custom requests to help minimize the number of deliveries and trucks headed our way.

We offer collections, and retire them when supplies run out. We make custom outfits and pieces sourcing special fabrics and materials just for you, so there's never wasteful purchasing. We use scraps and remnants from these two production options to create our ready2ship pieces.

This approach allows us to minimize waste, create unique designs, and do our best to save the planet!

packaging & print materials

We've partnered with reputable companies to ensure our packaging and print materials are eco-friendly.

Our rigid mailers are made from recycled cardboard, and our flex packs are 100% compostable. Any tissue paper used? Born of recycled paper. Even our shipping labels are compostable!**

Our cute little stickers and postcards? Their paper is harvested from forests which are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable—that's right, they are FSC-certified. Not only are they printed with soy-based inks, free of acid, lignin and sulfur, but our printers plant a tree for every order they receive. How freakin' cool is that??

Oh, and no big deal but... the stickers and postcards are 100% compostable, too.

** The only exception to our packaging process is if a large order must be packaged at the shipping store, where they generate their own labels when we have to purchase a specific shape or size of box. We try to avoid this! But we also believe using this option on rare occasions is better than wastefully purchasing oversized boxes in bulk. Trust us that you'll still find all of the eco-friendly goodness on the inside of the box, shipped with love.


In addition to the earth-loving materials we use to package your goods, we minimize how much packaging must be used overall. By condensing inbound shipments we're doing our best to limit the amount of trucks on the road, and for outbound shipments we always select the carbon offset options.

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