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Looking for a killer 'fit for an upcoming event? Trying to find the perfect gift for someone? Not really sure what you want, but know it needs to be one-of-a-kind? Your search is over. Not only do we love a good challenge but we're bursting at the seams with ideas—so even if you don't have all the details mentally mapped out we are here to help.


Use the form below to get started on your very own discofreak creation: share any schemes, themes or dreams, and we'll discuss options to bring your concept to life. More of a visual communicator? No worries! Attach an inspiration photo in the form below so we can align with your vision.


View examples of our custom work here, and if there are lingering questions visit our Process page to review expectations and next steps. Otherwise, LET'S CREATE SOMETHING:

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The $50 fee paid to initiate the custom order process is the concept fee, and is non-refundable. The concept fee secures your placement in the custom order queue, and covers efforts dedicated to the digital rendering of your design and sourcing of materials. The concept fee is typically $50 per design; if more than one outfit has been requested, additional fees will be listed on the future invoice. Curious about the overall process? Check out this page to learn more!

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