customer care

There's nothing worse than getting excited about something you've purchased (or want to purchase) and not receiving clear communication about your order. That's why we make a significant effort to communicate from Step A to Step Z in the buying process. Most of our information about processing, shipping, refunds, custom orders - pretty much the whole shebang - can be found online, but if you have questions don't hesitate to reach out! You can either submit a contact form request, shoot us an email at, or use that nifty little widget in the bottom right corner to get squared away. 

privacy & safety

Worried about privacy when you enter payment and shipping details? Don't fret! We use PayPal to keep our customers' info safe and secure. We'll never spam your shipping address with annoying flyers or sell your info to any third parties, but you will get emails with updates about your order. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll get the occasional email blast announcing new product lines or sales.


As a small startup we're not quite ready for huge wholesale orders, but if you're wanting to stock up on large quantities of our stuff or resell them shoot us a message! We can chat about discounts for large orders, or set up a recurring order.


Loving the vibes? Want to connect and discuss how we can help build brands, images and cross-promote? Slide into our DMs! We don't give away items for free, but if you're an artist or team interested in sponsorship or becoming ambassadors we're down to chat about options.

custom orders

We love the challenge of a custom order! Whether you're a company or team in need of coordinated design, or a solo ultra-babe wanting to rock custom threads, we will make it happen! Please review our notes below:

IMPORTANT, even for "small" custom orders: we recommend initiating the process at least five weeks in advance if you need your items by a particular date. This stretch of time accommodates the design process between designer and client, material sourcing, construction and shipping to client (with a little extra cushion thrown in). For large orders we may need a bit extra, too, to make sure everything is perfect for you.

We can make magic happen on a faster timeline, as long as the client understands material limitations. Specific fabric requests which cannot be sourced locally may require rush fees for delivery to the studio; there may be rush fees for delivery of the final product to you, as well.

DEPOSITS: unless you're ordering a pre-existing design in an unlisted fabric or unlisted size, most of our custom clothing works require a design fee and subsequent deposit. The design fee covers efforts dedicated to the digital rendering and sourcing of your materials; any initial deposit goes strictly toward the material cost, and remaining balance is due before your threads ship out.

LATE FEES: depending on the quantity of your order, payment plans may be available under contract. All works under contract are subject to late fees if payments are missed.

Visit our Portfolio to view examples of custom works, or click here to submit a custom order request.


payment methods

We currently accept credit and debit cards via PayPal, babe.