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what is afterpay?


Afterpay is an easy-to-use, interest-free way to pay for your goods in installments.

how many payments? how often?

Payments are every other week, starting after the initial down payment. That's four total installments to pay off your purchases.

does it cost more to use afterpay?

Nope! There are no interest or additional fees to use Afterpay. The only time you'll run into fees is if you miss a payment. Head over to Afterpay's Terms & Conditions for the full agreement and info about late fees.

can my purchase be paid off early?

Absolutely! To pay off your purchase ahead of time please visit your Afterpay account, find your beloved discofreak order and click "Pay Now". 

is my card charged automatically?

Afterpay will notify you when a payment is due. You can pay two ways:

- set yourself up for automatic payments

- pay manually each time an installment is due

Click here to read straight from Afterpay about how they work

additional info

- Afterpay allows customers to have a maximum of three orders being paid off when you first start out; following consistent payments this number may increase over time

- Afterpay can be used to make purchases on all orders up to $1000

- the first installment is paid at time of purchase

- missed/late payments are charged a fee, per Afterpay's user agreement

- issues with Afterpay's payments or other disputes should be directed to Afterpay's customer service team

how to use AfterPay on

- select Afterpay during checkout

- choose your installments (Afterpay defaults to four equal installments)

- create an account and get approved instantly to use their service, or login if you're an existing customer

- complete your purchase and prepare to enjoy your latest discofreak haul!

There are no additional processing times for using Afterpay services. 

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