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keep an eye on your inbox

We look forward to reviewing your team's application and hopefully becoming BFFs! After we've read through your info and taken a look at your Instagram we'll be in touch.

If you're accepted into the program you'll get a confirmation email. We'll need to touch base with your manager or team leader (if that's not you).


Upon manager approval we'll lock in your team's custom BFF code and set up your reward credit on the backend.

Accepted groups will also receive a special order of five team-branded shirts when they reach $500 in product sales from persons shopping with their code. When this happens we will coordinate with you regarding your team's logo, sizes and shipping information. 



Don't have a logo? We can help with that, so don't hesitate to ask.

If your team is not accepted at this time we will still send an email, so you're not wondering where you stand. If there are certain requirements missing, or potential to become BFFs in the future, we will let you know! Sometimes it boils down needing to up your engagement, and you can always apply again when you're ready.

We appreciate your interest and the time you've spent applying. Your support is valuable and we can't wait to be BFFs!

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