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There are two ways to provide sizing information for your custom order:

- provide your specific measurements

- select sizes from our size charts

The majority of fabrics used are SUPER stretchy, so if you opt to measure yourself don't fret over that quarter or half an inch. If any of your materials are non-stretch we'll be sure to confirm the necessary measurements before moving into production.

specific measurements

The specific type of measurements we'll need to produce your items may vary based on style, but here's the general list from head-to-toe:

- neck

- bust (fullest and underbust)

- waist

- hip (natural and fullest)

- wrist

- forearm (about six inches from wrist)

- bicep

- thigh

If anything above doesn't apply to your order—your garment doesn't include sleeves or leg accessories—feel free to skip it!

Prefer a visual guide? Here's a great video that covers most of the above measurements.

size charts

Below are existing size charts for convenience. 

FEMME: snug and fitted, with overlap between sizes due to the nature of performance stretch materials

MASC: casual fit

UNISEX: snug or casual, based on the item and preferred client fit

Remember: your order is being made just for you! Never hesitate to reach out with any questions if you're unsure of which size option might be best or if you need guidance on how to measure.

size chart, femme.png
size chart, masc.png
size chart, unisex.png
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